Why the Foothill Retail Corridor?

Snow on the Hills Above La Verne taken from Brackett Field


I chose to specialize in this sub-market because I have lived, worked, gone to school and/or played in just about each of these communities and the foothills themselves my entire life. The only period that I have not lived in any of these communities was the three and a half years I spent in San Diego finishing college. My mom taught me that north was where the mountains are. That worked most of the time except when we were driving around the rest of the country! The foothill area is home.  I love to look at the mountains on a clear day, especially when they are lush and green in the spring or capped with snow in the winter. My heart aches when I see them burn as I have numerous times over the years.



I was born at the now closed Saint Luke’s Hospital in Pasadena. I am an actual Pasadena native! To this day, when people ask me where I’m from, even though I don’t live in Pasadena anymore, I still say, “Pasadena.” 


The city will always have a certain panache due to the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade, two events that are a part of my DNA so to speak. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are just not the same for me anywhere else. I’ve lived a block from the parade route for a number of years and there is an excitement that fills the air during the several days before the event. Something is happening and you can just feel it. RVs are lining the streets. People with Wisconsin or Ohio State or Michigan apparel are filling the restaurants and tourist spots. Military jets fly overhead practicing for the big day. People in white Tournament cars are scurrying around preparing for the 8:00 am parade start time. If you have never cruised the parade route the night before, you are missing quite a spectacle. It is one giant party. The aftermath is quite a spectacle, also. As beautiful as the parade is, cruise down Colorado Boulevard in the afternoon after the parade. Lawn chairs, sofas, mattresses, BBQs, and trash, trash, trash!


I will continue to write about each of the communites until I have covered them all. Next up, Altadena.

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