Glendora – Walmart Expansion Now Open


The newly renovated and expanded Glendora Walmart.

The long anticipated expansion of the Walmart at 1950 Auto Center Drive in Glendora is finally open. The nearly 30,000 square foot expansion has 34 aisles of groceries, including a deli counter, bakery, produce, and dairy. The expansion opened around November 20, 2015 according to one employee I spoke to.

I first wrote about this expansion here on February 28, 2011.


According to the City of Glendora website: “Walmart has existed at this location since 1993. On February 22, 2011, the City Council approved entitlements to allow the addition of 30,000 square feet of commercial/retail space. The expansion allows for new floor area to be dedicated to the sale of groceries while also expanding storage space for employees and business operations.”


“In addition to increasing the size of the sales floor area, the expansion benefits the community by providing for substantial improvements to an existing business. The expansion includes a significant facade remodel, the resurfacing and re-striping of drive aisles and parking stalls for greater vehicular accessibility, and improved landscaping throughout the site. These improvements will continue to encourage pedestrian activity at the project site as well as encourage pedestrian activity for surrounding businesses.”

Glendora Walmart before renovations and expansion.

Glendora Walmart before renovations and expansion.