Monrovia – WorleyParsons Adds 100 Jobs to Old Town

Worley Parsons Office at Huntington & Myrtle

Well, after all the dismal job loss reports I have posted over the last year, I am happy to report an actual job expansion here in our very own backyard. WorleyParsons, a Fortune 500 engineering and construction management company, will expand about 100 jobs within the city.

Currently, WorleyParsons has an office at the northwest corner of Myrtle and Huntington Drive and will lease about 24,600 square feet of space at 111 W. Lemon in the heart of Old Town. This will certainly give a shot in the arm to all the retail spaces along Myrtle Avenue with all those employees just a block away.


New Location for 100 Employees at 111 W Lemon

Now, if we can just get In-N-Out to do their deal with Home Depot so all those employees will have another lunch choice!